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Above Giant Goliath Grouper!!!
I love light tackle fishing, but I also love going after extreme sized fish like the goliath grouper. Whether light tackle fishing or fishing for fish the size of a Volkswagen, Sanibel and Fort Myers Florida is the place to fish!
Hammerhead Shark fishing fort myers florida
Above an awesome Hammerhead shark caught offshore Sanibel Island Florida and safely released.  What a beauty!, but was only the second biggest fish caught that day.  This young lady landed the Hammerhead unassisted while her father simultaneously muscled up a giant goliath grouper.  Video seen below.



If you are visiting Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, or anywhere else in Southwest Florida and looking for a native fishing guide you have landed on the right website.  I was raised on Sanibel Island and have fished the local waters my entire life.  I welcome all to enjoy Sanibel, Ft Myers, and all the Southwest Florida waters.
Redfish Sanibel Island Forida


Above a beautiful Redfish caught between Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach Florida.  Redfish can be caught year round in many different settings and techniques.  Ft Myers and Sanibel have some of the best Redfish fishing in Florida!
Captain Noah Sanibel and Ft Myers Shark fishing



Above a beautiful spring day on San Carlos Bay, with 3 brothers and there hero Dad who brought in this beauty shark.  It took about 30 minutes to bring in her in, and safely released.  Catching and safely releasing fish is an important part of the fishing process. Family friendly fishing Sanibel and Ft Myers Florida!


Above an incredible Snook caught by this Father/Daughter team.  Awesome! Below a big Grouper caught while fishing Sanibel and Fort Myers beach, and their offshore gulf waters. Offshore or inshore all good!



Below an awesome King Mackerel! Kings run through Sanibel and Ft Myers waters during winter/spring. Talk about drag pulling action!
King Mackerel Fort Myers Florida fishing charters



Cobia! seen below, definitely one of the best table fish around.  Cobia are another offshore and inshore species caught in the waters of Sanibel and Ft Myers.




The more I charter fish the more I realize fishing charters are a total package experience.  Big fish are the cherry on top, nothing like landing a huge fish with friends and family.  Natural scenery, fresh sea air, and quality time are other key contributors to an overall experience.  A fishing charter in Sanibel and Ft Myers is a great way to get back to basics and find big fish and a good time.



The young man above on the left hooked and battled, unassisted, this goliath grouper in redfish pass between Captiva and North Captiva.  We were able to snap a quick picture on the beach and safely release this prehistoric fish.  It was definitely a high five moment.


Above is a young Marine bringing up a beastly goliath grouper near the Sanibel Lighthouse on an ideal summer afternoon.  To give this fish perspective and to cool off after intense fish battle these two jumped in the gulf of mexico along with their new friend.  Below is the big result.


Catching that first big one is a permanent memory.  I’ve seen families act like their shorts were on fire watching their little brother, sister, son or daughter frantically reel the biggest fish they have ever caught.  It is one of the great aspects of charter fishing on Sanibel and Captiva’s local waters.


Above this young lad caught and released this nice Snook inside Ding Darling this past fall.  This Snook was landed using light tackle, 10 pound line and 20 pound leader with a size two hook.  I am a big light tackle fisherman, it’s just more fun. Ding Darling is the National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island.  It encompasses a large chunk of Sanibel Island.  I grew up fishing Ding Darling and Tarpon Bay.  These boys reminded me of my two brothers and all the time we spent discovering the red mangrove forest of Ding Darling.  We would literally spend entire days climbing through Ding Darlings mangrove forest.


Sanibel, Captiva and Fort Myers attract fishing enthusiasts from around the world.  Definitely a perk of charter fishing Sanibel is getting to know people from all types of backgrounds.  Snook, Redfish, Tarpon and many other inshore species fill Sanibel’s surrounding waters.  Dolphins, abundant marine life, as well as hundreds of bird species share our local waters with one of the most diverse fisheries on earth.  A day of fishing here is an experience people do not soon forget.



That’s me in the middle with a father and son from England plus a couple nice Redfish.  We can fish for Redfish year round with my favorite months being September and October.  Schools of Redfish can be found cruising local grass beds near Captiva, Sanibel and Pine Island.  They are also found along the many of the mangrove shorelines in southwest Florida.  These fish can be caught using many different baits and lures depending on the time of year.



Above is the Privateer. The group consisted of 3 dads and 3 daughters. We stopped at a small island inside Sanibel and snapped this photo.



Above Snook caught on an amazingly pretty sunny winter day.  Biggest snook she had ever caught.  Snook fishing in the Sanibel and Ft Myers area has always been very productive.  This snook was caught in February of 2013, and I have seen a steady increase in the Snook population since our crazy cold winter of 2010.  In 2010 we had 15 days without reaching 70 degrees, with water temperatures dipping and staying in the 40’s.  That cold weather caused a massive fish kill, especially Snook.  Since that cold winter the population has steadily increased and we have been enjoying catching and releasing this awesome fish.


Sanibel Island could be the perfect place for family vacations.  Thank goodness Sanibel Island was incorporated.  The intent, to preserve its natural state and avoid over development.  Now I must admit Sanibel has changed with the passing years, but could have turned into another concrete high rise island. Instead the majority of Sanibel has been left natural, which visitors from all over the world have come to appreciate.  This idea of keeping things natural has also blessed Sanibel’s surrounding waters. Endless miles of natural mangrove shorelines and picturesque gulf front beaches are the perfect backdrop for a days fishing charter.



This gentlemen landed a nice gag grouper this winter near Sanibel in the Gulf of Mexico.  I enjoy fishing nearshore gulf reefs and wrecks year round especially the winter months, provided we have calm gulf waters.  Offshore/nearshore fishing is the best way to catch local grouper species.  Many other fish species can be found near our local barrier islands like Sanibel and Captiva.  Snapper, Permit, Big Sheepshead, and big Sharks are among the common offshore/nearshore fish species.


A quick recent story. This past May I was all ready for a Tarpon charter, boat fully loaded, bait, tackle, everything ready.  When it was time for my people to show up, alas no people.  I waited 10 minutes and decided to check my calendar and sure enough I had them booked the following week.  My boat was already loaded and I was ready to get Tarpon fishing, so I decided to go anyway and called my brother who failed to answer his phone.  My next call was to my dad who surprisingly agreed to tag along for a morning of Tarpon fishing.


What was surprising was that although quite the boater my dad doesn’t fish generally.  No joke the last time he went fishing was in the early nineties with Evander Holyfield, who at that time was the boxing heavyweight champion of the world.  So when we hooked up on a nice Tarpon my dad was pretty excited, hear his reaction below.



Southwest Florida attracts as many shelling fans as it does fisherman.  I offer combination fishing and shelling charters to accommodate both interests.  Normally we will travel to the Cayo Costa state park, which is only accessible by boat, fishing along the way.  There is no better destination in the United States for world class fishing and shelling then the barrier islands of Southwest Florida. Another great customer review for Sanibel and Ft Myers fishing charters, thumbs up!


With support from his little and big sister this young man landed this nice Snook.  Super exciting moment.  Sanibel and the surrounding area attracts family from all over the world.  I have taken many families fishing and relish watching family members react to each other while catching fish.  Family fishing trips on Sanibel’s local waterways are an awesome experience family repeat year after year
What better way to enjoy Sanibel Island and all Southwest Florida.





That’s me in the middle at a local Sanibel beach party. I’m not always fishing, but when I do, I prefer Sanibel Island.


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