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Sanibel Island Sailfish!  Sanibel and Fort Myers beach are awesome places to be and FISH!

Captain Noah Stewart Sanibel Florida Sailfish

Snook Fishing Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach Florida,  Snook Fishing! Bring the muscle!


Whoa! Picked up this Tiger Shark recently, back breaker! Sanibel, Captiva and Fort Myers Florida are home to prehistoric sized fish like Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Goliath Grouper, and Tarpon.

Below a great way to cool off after fighting a monster fish! This Goliath Grouper was twice the size of the angler.

Golitah Grouper Fishing Charters Sanibel Ft Myers

Below a recent Snapper fishing charter turned into a battle with a giant Goliath Grouper!

Below Highpoint University Students on fall break, packed into a minivan to Fort Myers Florida!  Light tackle flats fishing turned into a battle with a local Shark!


Below Tarpon proving things look cool in slow motion.

Fishing Sanibel and Ft Myers beach, 50 species of sport fish, 300 days of sunshine, and endless good times! Below a fine example of one of our favorites! Offshore speedster, the King Mackerel, found in Gulf waters near Sanibel Island Florida.

Family Friendly Fishing Charters Sanibel Florida

What better place to visit and FISH! Enjoy and fish Sanibel Island, Captiva Island and Fort Myers Beach Florida.

Captain Noah Stewart Sanibel Fishing Charters

Above an awesome Sanibel Island Permit, our Gulf waters have an incredible variety of top tier sport fish! Spending the day pursuing some of the best sport fishing with friends and family Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach Florida.

Beautiful Cobia 2016 Fort Myers Beach Florida

Redfish Sanibel Island Fishing Charters

Above an epic fall 2015 Redfish caught on 10lbs line by this lady angler, Captain Ryan on the assist. This fall has been a great year for bull reds.  Redfish in the 40″ range are being caught in the nearshore waters of Sanibel, Captiva and Fort Myers Beach Florida.

We love light tackle fishing for Snook, Redfish and other Southwest Florida fish species.  We also love beefing up the tackle to the extreme and wrestle a fish the size of a Volkswagen.   Above is a video shot by a 9 year old while her father and I tangled with a monster Goliath Grouper.   Great times, beautiful waters and awesome fishing, Sanibel and Fort Myers Florida!

Snook Fishing Charters Near Sanibel Island

Inshore fishing Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Florida is an awesome experience and a great way to spend any day.  Above is one of our inshore highlights, the most excellent Snook!  These legendary fish are targeted by anglers from all over the globe.  The above fish was caught in the shallow waters surrounding one of the many mangrove islands that dot our inshore seascape.

47_1_Redfish guide sanibel and fort myers fishing

Pictured above is a young man who bested a beautiful Sanibel Redfish. Redfish are another Sanibel and Fort Myers inshore fishing highlight.  These beauties patrol mangrove islands, coastal shorelines, grass flats, oyster beds and can be caught with many different fishing techniques.  One constant is their big runs and beautiful reddish scales.

Captain Noah Sanibel and Ft Myers Shark fishing

Sharks! Sanibel and Fort Myers Florida are great place to target these toothy beasts.  We have many different species each with there own special attributes.  We target sharks both inshore and offshore Sanibel and Fort Myers Florida.  Bring some muscle, endurance and clever “Jaws” quotes.

Ft Myers Beach Offshore Fishing Charters Kingfish

King Mackerel are one of the offshore Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach fishing highlights.  They are fast, toothy and again, FAST!  Nicknamed “smokers” for their drag screaming action.  Pictured above is a young man who battled for 30 minutes unassisted, and landed a fish nearly the same size as himself.   Family time on the water is priceless.

Tarpon Fishing Charters Sanibel Florida

Charter fishing Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach is a great way to catch Snook (pictured above) Redfish, Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, Sharks and many others.  We have 50 plus sport fish in Southwest Florida.

Grouper Fishing Charters Fort Myers Beach

Above a Gag Grouper, one of Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach offshore fishing highlights.  Aside from being excellent table food, they provide back breaking angling action.  Offshore fishing Sanibel and Fort Myers means motoring into the Gulf of Mexico.  The gulf has an almost infinite fishery, and in general is straight up epic.

Cobia Fishing charter sanibel florida

Cobia! Above an ugly duckling and one of our favorite fish to target. Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach are a great place to do many things, fishing is one of the best.  We have 300 days of sunshine and 50 plus species of fish, 200 plus species of shells, 200 plus species of birds, dolphins, manatees, world class sunsets, enjoy and relax!

Fishing the offshore waters Sanibel and Fort Myers is epic.  Aside from experiencing the vast beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and it’s inhabitants we also get to fish!  Salt air, blue green water and sunshine, a pretty good combination for a great day.  Above is a video taken while trying to tackle a very motivated King Mackerel.  One of the key characteristics of any angler worth his or her salt is patience.  Sometimes reeling like your pants are on fire is called for, other times methodical movements can be key to winning a fishing battle.

Local Sanibel Island fishing charter guide Captain Noah with a group of friends.


We aren’t always fishing but when we do, we prefer Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach Florida.

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